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PAS School menu. October, Monday 22.

Choice of 1%, chocolate or skim milk offered daily on all lines.
BREAKFAST (All schools)
Monday, Oct. 22 – Granola bar, string cheese, orange smiles, milk.
Tuesday, Oct. 23 – Honey Nut Kix, grape juice, milk.
Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Ultimate breakfast round, fresh apples, milk.
Thursday, Oct. 25 – Rice Krispies, orange juice, milk.
Friday, Oct. 26 – Jumbo cake donut, banana, milk.
LUNCH (All schools)
Monday, Oct. 22 – Super nacho, meat and cheese sauce, fresh fixings, refried beans, black bean salad, applesauce and melon chunks.
Tuesday, Oct. 23 – Barbecued rib tickler, fresh green salad with tomato, peaches and cinnamon apples, fresh apples, oranges and banana, broccoli and ranch dip.
Wednesday, Oct. 24 – Roasted chicken and gravy, fluffy mashed potatoes, green beans, watermelon and pears, apples, oranges and banana, carrot sticks.
Thursday, Oct. 25 – Hamburger or cheeseburger, sweet potato fries, cantaloupe and honeydew, fresh apples, oranges and banana, jicama sticks with ranch dip.
Friday, Oct. 26 – Breakfast for lunch – WW French toast sticks, sausage patty, potato hash browns, 100 percent juice and peaches, apples, oranges and banana, WW blueberry muffin.

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