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PAS School Menu. October, Monday 31.

Choice of 2%, chocolate or skim milk offered daily on all lines. Bread available at all meals.
BREAKFAST (All schools)
Monday, Oct. 31 – Mini muffins, string cheese, applesauce, milk.
Tuesday, Nov. 1 – Apple Cinnamon Cheerios, apple juice, milk.
Wednesday, Nov. 2 – Bagels, cream cheese or peanut butter, orange wedges, milk.
Thursday, Nov. 3 – Whole grain Cheerios, orange juice, milk.
Friday, Nov. 4 – Long Johns, banana, milk.
LUNCH (All schools)
Monday, Oct. 31 – Broomsticks and dip, ooey, gooey, curvy cheesy, Jack-o-lantern, lumpy, grumpy green goop, pumpkin juice.
Tuesday, Nov. 1 – Italian dunkers with cheese bread, lettuce salad greens, choice of fruit, crispy vegetable sticks.
Wednesday, Nov. 2 – Tomato soup and crackers, grilled cheese sandwich (elementary), club wrap (middle/high school), choice of fruit, crunchy fresh vegetables, apple crisp.
Thursday, Nov. 3 – Corn dogs, baked beans, coleslaw, choice of fruit, carrot sticks.
Friday, Nov. 4 – Super nacho, beef and cheese filling, fresh fixings, refried beans and Spanish rice, fruit and vegetable choices.

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