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PAS School Menu. November, Monday 14.

Choice of 2%, chocolate or skim milk offered daily on all lines. Bread available at all meals.
BREAKFAST (All schools)
Monday, Nov. 14 – Breakfast cereal bars, strawberry cup, milk.
Tuesday, Nov. 15 – Frosted Flakes, orange juice, milk.
Wednesday, Nov. 16 – Ultimate Breakfast Round (whole grain), orange smiles, milk.
Thursday, Nov. 17 – Froot Loops, grape juice, milk.
Friday, Nov. 18 – Jumbo cake donut, banana, milk.
LUNCH (All schools)
Monday, Nov. 14 – (Elementary) Toasty dogs, (middle/high school) crispito, golden tator tots, baked beans, strawberry and banana cup, crunchy vegetable sticks.
Tuesday, Nov. 15 – Roast turkey dressing, fluffy mashed potatoes and gravy, mixed vegetables, fruit choices, cranberry sauce, relish sticks, warm dinner roll, Pilgrim’s pumpkin pie.
Wednesday, Nov. 16 – Sloppy jo, cheese slices, corn, pasta salad, chilled fruit choice.
Thursday, Nov. 17 – Breakfast for lunch, pancakes and sausage, hashbrowns, assorted fruit juices, fruit choices, mini cinnamon roll.
Friday, Nov. 18 – (Elementary) Chicken nuggets, (middle/high school) popcorn chicken, macaroni and cheese, steamed green beans, chilled fruit choice, carrots and celery.

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