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Summer Lunch Menu. August, Monday 12.

Meals, free of charge, will be provided to all children 18 years and younger. Participation requirements for the program are the same for all regardless of race, color, national origin, gender, age or disability and there will be no discrimination on the course of the meal service. Meals will be served at Hill Elementary playground from 11 a.m.-noon and at Harmon Park from 12:15 p.m. until 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. Call 507-562-6018 for more details. ***
Monday, Aug. 12: Super nachos, meat, cheese, fresh fixings, refried beans, fruit and fresh vegetables, milk.
Tuesday, Aug. 13: Hot ham and cheese sandwich, carrot coins, fruit and fresh vegetables, milk.
Wednesday, Aug. 14: Chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, green peas, fruit and vegetable choices, milk.
Thursday, Aug. 15: Hot dog on a WW bun, corn on the cob, fruit and fresh vegetables, milk.
Friday, Aug. 16: Hamburger or cheeseburger, fresh green beans, fruit and fresh vegetables, ice cream treat, milk.

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