A Main Street Transformation

A transformation is underway at 213 Main Street East in Pipestone. The former Arts in Motion and Monk’s Secondhand building is becoming Wellness Square.

The name reflects the shape of the building, its location on “the square” and what will take place inside. Theresa Stangle and her husband, Rich, bought the building in January and Stangle plans to move her physical therapy business,

The former Arts in Motion building at 213 Main Street East in Pipestone is being renovated to become Wellness Square. When the project is complete, the plan is to have physical therapy, athletic training, massage, yoga, tae kwon do and more in one building.
K. Kuphal

Reactive Wellness, to the space in the spring.

“When I started my cash-based physical therapy business in November I had no plans to expand this fast,” Stangle said. “I was just going to see how things went.”

Then a week after she opened her business at The 109, she was talking to Ashley Castro, who told her she was planning to close Arts in Motion and sell the building. Stangle saw that as an opportunity.

“I would drive by it every day and just knew I needed to do this,” Stangle said. “It was meant to be and I knew I’d be disappointed if I didn’t turn it into what I had envisioned it to be.”

She said her sister lived in New York and saw a physical therapist who was in a building with a massage therapist and a chiropractor. Stangle liked the concept multiple wellness-related services in one location and plans to create such a space at Wellness Square.

Lee’s Tae Kwon Do will continue to use this space in the basement of the building. Theresa and Rich Stangle bought the building in January and are renovating it to make it a hub for wellness-related services called Wellness Square. K. Kuphal

In addition to expanding Reactive Wellness, she plans to have a basketball skills and training area and a turf area that will have a batting cage and can be used for activities such as acceleration training and sled pushes. There will also be an area with gym equipment for therapy and training services provided by her and others.

“This is designed to be like a premier sports training and exercise training facility where you’re with an instructor or with a trainer or with physical therapy,” Stangle said.

The Stangles are also creating five business suites in the building. Stangle said she has businesses ready to fill three of the five suites, including More than Lip Service, U Bodywork Therapy and Heart Lights.

Lee’s Tae Kwon Do will continue in the basement where it has been and Stangle plans to create a yoga studio on the other side of the basement. She said the yoga studio might also serve as a space for spin bike classes.

The Stangles, along with local contractors, friends and family, have been busy preparing the building for its new uses. That has included updates to the electrical, heating and cooling systems to bring the building up to code and make it more energy efficient; building walls for the business suites; painting; replacing flooring and more. Stangle is hoping that the businesses will be able to be moved into the suites by April 1 and that the gym is ready for business by May 1.