Avenue Of Flags Honors Veterans

The Pipestone American Legion’s Avenue of Flags will be flown on Memorial Day, Monday, May 30. Flags will be on display from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. on historic downtown Pipestone along Main Street, the Pipestone County Courthouse lawn along the “Liberty Bell” sidewalks, Pipestone’s Woodlawn cemeteries and Highway 30 near the intersection of Highways 75 and 30.

The Avenue of Flags is supported by the Pipestone American Legion and made possible through volunteers and donations.

This year the Avenue of Flags will contain 522 flags, three more than were flown last year. Each flag represents a veteran from Pipestone County who has passed away

The new names for this year are: Dennis F. Dahl, Army, National Guard, Albert F. Kellen, Marines, Korea and Allen Houg, Army, WWII.

The names of veterans with flags flying in their honor (alphabetical order):

Anton H. Agnitsch, Army, WWII; Matthew Agnitsch, Army, WWII; Henry Ahsenmacher, Army, Civil War; Raymond E. Ahsenmacher, Army Air Force, WWII; Carlton (Louie) Allen, Navy, WWII; Lloyd R. Anderson, Air Force, WWII; Henry G. Appeldorn, Navy, WWII; Louis H. Appeldorn, Army, WWII; Francis Arrowsmith, Navy, WWII; Erland (Coy) Argetsinger, Marines, WWI;

Charles “Bud” Backlund, Air Force, WWII; Edward Backlund, Army, WWI; Gilbert Backlund, Navy, WWII; John Baerenwald, Army, Korean; Fine Baldridge, Army, WWI; Kenneth Barck, Navy, WWII; Marvin “Bud” Barck, Army, WWII; Joseph P. Barclay, Army Air Force, WWII; Lester Barnes, Coast Guard, WWII; Harvey Bartels, Army, Korean; Earl Beatty, Army, National Guard; Charles Bendt, Army, Korean; Robert Benton, Army, Vietnam; Thomas R. Benz, National Guard; John Berry, Army, WWI; Emery Beyers, Army, Korean; Louis Bickford, Navy, WWII, Vietnam; Arnold (Arnie) Birkland, Navy, WWII;

Clarence Block, Army WWII; Albert Blom, Army, WWII; Robert Boehm, Army, WWII; John Bolkema, Army, WWII; Alvin Boock, Air Force, WWII; Leslie E. Bostic, Army, WWII; Virgil Bradfeldt, Army, WWII; Norman Brecher, Army, WWII; Frank Brockberg, Army, WWI; Leroy Brockberg, Army, WWII; George Brown, Air Force, Korean; Jason Brown, Battle of Bull Run; Blas Brual, Jr., Navy, Korean; Lauren Brugman, Navy, WWII; Carl Brummer, Army, WWI; Daniel Bryan, Army, WWII; Dallas Bucher, Coast Guard, WWII; Don Bucher, Navy, Vietnam; Dudley Buffington, Army, WWII; Louis Buffington, Army, WWII; Donald P. Buhman, Army, WWII; Herman Buhman, Army, WWI; Bill Burkholder, Army, Korea;

George Cambern, Army, WWII; Arthur Carlson, Army, WWII; Donald Carlson, Army, WWII; Kenneth Carlson, Navy, WWII; George Carmody, Air Force, Korean; Raymond Carpenter, Army, WWII; Harold Carrow, Navy, Korea; Mark J. Carrow, Air Force, Gulf War; William M. Carson, Army, Vietnam; David Carstensen, Army; Henry Carstensen, Army, WWI; Jack Carstensen, Army, National Guard; Virgil Carstensen, Army, Sasabo, Japan; Clarence C. Cassidy, Army, WWII; Phil Chase, Air Force, WWII;

Ernest Cheney, Army, WWI; Vernon Cheney, Army Air Force, WWII; Ralph Christ, Army Air Corps, WWII; Arthur Christensen, Army, WWI; Alton ‘Al’ Claussen, Army, WWII; Boyd Cochrane, Coast Guard, WWII; Charles R. Colby, Army Air Corps, WWII; Del Coleman, Navy, Vietnam; Samuel Comp, Army, Vietnam; Frank Cooksley, Army, WWII; James Corcoran, Army, WWII; Ernest Cramer, Army, WWI; David Crawford, Army National Guard, Korean; Elisabeth Ann Crawford, Army nurse, Vietnam;

William Dahl, Navy, WWII; Fred Dahms, Army, WWI; Lawrence Galen E. Dalin, Army, Korean; Elmer Dammann, Navy, WWII; Lawrence Davids, Navy, WWII; Arthur Deadrick, Navy, WWII; Antone Demuth, Army, WWI; Edward Demuth, Army, WWI; Henry DeMuynck, Navy, WWII; Harvey A. Derby, Army, WWII; Stanley DeSchepper, Navy, WWII; Marvin DeVries, Navy, WWII;

Charles DeWitte, Army, WWII; August DeWitte, Army, WWI; Herbert Dibble, Army, WWI; Roger Dibble, Air Force, WWII; Merle Dibble, Air Corps, WWII; Paul Donaldson, Navy, WWII, Korean; Dorance Drengson, Navy, WWII; Lloyd J. Dressen, Navy, WWII; Merle Drury, Army, WWII; Martin Duggan, Army, WWII;

Glen Earhart, Army, WWII; Herbert Earhart, Army, WWII; Wayne T. Ebsen, Army, WWII; Frederick Eeten, Army, WWII; Glenn (Ike) Eichhorn, Army, WWII; Lelah Engel, US Air Force, WWII; Darrel Enink, Army, WWII; Robert O. Erickson, Army, Korean; Henry Erks, Army, WWI; William Estell, Army, WWI; Morris Evans, Navy, Korean; Vincent W. Evans, Army, WWII;

Harry Fangmeier, Army, WWI; William P. Farmer, Army, WWI; William P. Farmer, Jr., Navy; Jack Farrell, Air Force, Korean; Charles A. Farwick, Army, WWII; John H. Farwick, Navy, WWII; Merl Fellman, Army, WWII; Earl Fellman, Air Force, WWII; Ivan Finzen, Army, Korean; Walter Fischer, Army, WWI; Leo Floody, Army, WWI; David Floody, Army; James “Dick” Floody, Navy, WWII; Elmer Folkerts, Army, WWII; Ira Ford, Army, WWI; Louis Ford, Navy, WWII; Edward Forman, Navy, WWII;

William S. Forman (MIA), Vietnam; Darrel Foss, Army, WWII; Elmer Foss, Army, WWI; Leonard Frahm, Navy, WWII; George Francis, Navy, WWII; Francis Frerk, Army, Korean; John Frerk, Army, WWI; James Frey, Air Corps, Korean; William Frick, Army, WWI; Roger W. Frost, Army, National Guard;

Dean Gewecke, Navy, Korean; Roger Gilliland, Army, WWII; Carl “Bud” Gillin, Navy, WWII; Willard H. Gilmore, Army, WWII; Robert Goodspeed, Navy, Newfoundland; Lawrence H. Gorter, Army, Korean; Frank Grant, Navy, WWI; Erwin F. Greve, Navy, Army, WWII; Frank Griebel, Air Corps, Vietnam; Myron Griesberg, Army, WWI; Elden J. Groth, Navy, WWII; Francis R. Gully, Army, WWII;

John Halbersma, Army, Korea; Alfred Haraldson, Army, WWII; Floyd Hamlin, Navy, WWII, Korean; Clifford C. Hammer, Army, WWII; James Hansen, Army, Korean; Theodore Hansen, Army, WWII; Kermit Hanson, Army, WWII; Leo Roy Hanson, Army, WWII; Walter Hanson, Army, WWII; Carl Hardies, Army, WWII; George Hardies, Army, WWII; Oscar Hardies, Army, WWII; Jeremiah Harrison, Army, Civil War; Leonard Hart, Army, WWII; Reed Hart, Army, WWII; Reed Hart, Jr., Army, WWII; Lawrence Haubrich, Army, WWII;

Merle Hauglid, Army, WWII; Virgil Hauglid, Army, WWII; Guy Hazelton, Army, WWI; Rex J. Heard, Navy, WWII; Darrel Hein, Army, Vietnam; James Heller, Navy, Vietnam; Orville Hellie, Navy, WWII; Harry Hess, Army, WWI; Leo V. Hess, Army, WWII; Andrew Hibma, Army, Pacific Island; George Hibma, Army, WWI; George Hicks, Air Corps, WWII; Steve Hicks, Air Force, England; Lyle Hind, Navy and Air Force, WWII, Korean, Vietnam; Alfred Hinrichs, Air Force, WWII; John Hinsch, Army, WWI; Jerry Hoekstra, Air Force; Leonard Hollingsworth, Navy, WWII; Hans Holter, Navy, Korean; Steven Holter, Navy, Gulf War; Arthur Horton, Army, WWII; John Houselog and sons Lloyd and Leon, WWI, Korean; Richard Houselog, Germany, Vietnam; Rex F. Hudson, Navy, WWII; Dale Huebner, Army, Korea; Melvin Huibregtse, Army, WWII; Gordon Hunstad, Army, Korean; Lyle Hurley, Army, WWII; Harold J. Hustad, Army, WWII; Luvern Hustad, Army, Vietnam; Robert Hyde, Jr., Army Air Corps, WWII;

Mark Ihlan, Air Transport Command, WWII; Norman Ihlan, Army, WWII; Walt Ilse, Army, WWI; Joseph Iverson, Army, WWII; Ralph Iverson, Air Force, WWII;

Farrel Jackson, Army, WWII; Paul Jackson, Army, WWII; Donald Jacobson, Army, WWII; Jay S. Jacobson, Marines, Air Force, WWII; Wilbur “Ham” Janssen, Army, WWII; Hans Jensen, Army, WWII; Claus Johannsen, Army, WWII; Curt Johansen, Army, Korean; David Johnson, Air Force, Guam; Elmer “Kiki” Johnson, Army, WWI; Earl Johnson, Army, WWII; RB ‘Rollie’ Johnson, Army, WWII; Selmer Johnson, Army, WWI; Vincent Johnson, Army, WWII; George Jones, Navy, WWII; Gordon Jones, Army, WWII; Wallace E. Jones, Army, WWII; George Jordon, Army, WWI; Harold Julian, Army, WWII;

Lawrence (Larry) Kadlec, Army, Korean; Leon “Dude” Kasper, Army, WWII; Dwayne W. Kautz, Army, WWII; Burton Keller, Army, WWII; Howard Keller, Army, WWII; Gary E. Kennedy, Army, Germany; Joseph Kennedy, Air Corps, WWII; Ronald Kennedy, Air Corps, WWII; Joseph “Phil” Keyes, Army, WWII; Floyd Kimball, Army, WWI; Harry O. King, Army, WWII; Francis Kirby, Navy, Seabees, WWII; Loran L. Kirby, Navy, Korean War; Sandy Kittelson, Army, WWII; Shirl Kleinjan, Army, WWII;

Raymond Klinsing, Army, WWII; Cecil V. Kofoed, U.S. Air Corps, WWII; Homer Kohn, Army, WWII; Paul Kollman, Army, Air Corp; Delbert Kor, Army; Claus Kordts, Army, WWII; Russell Kotval, Navy, WWII; Ernest Kraft, Army/Air Force, WWII; Harley Kreun, Army, WWII; Robert Krick, Army, Vietnam; William Karl (Bill) Krick, Army, 1st Armed Div.; Darwin Krueger, Navy, Korean; Almer Kruse, Air Force, WWII; Luvern Edward Kruse, Army, Korea;

Ernest Lange, Navy, WWII; Lester Lange, Air Corps, WWII; Roy Lange, Army, WWII; William Lange, Army, WWI; Alfred Larson, Navy, WWII; Charles E. Larson, Army, WWII; Raymond and Marvin Larson, Army, WWII; John LeBrun, Army, Vietnam; Harold Lee, Army, WWII; John H. Lee, Army, Vietnam; Michael Lee, Army, WWII; Clyde Lettow, Army, Korean; Walter Lettow, Army, WWI; Harm Lichtsinn, Army, WWII; Stan Lodahl, Army, Korean; Charles J. Long, Army, WWI; Donald W. Long, Navy, WWII; Lee Longstreet, Navy, WWII; Richard Longstreet, Army, Vietnam; Vernon Longstreet, Marines, WWII; Elmer P. Lorenzen, Army, Korean; Peter Lorenzen, Army, WWII; Walter Lovell, Army, WWI; Jens Lundholm, Army, WWI; Clifford Lynn, Navy, WWII;

Wendell Maranell, Army, WWII; Harold V. Markl, Army, WWII; Kenneth Markl, Army, Hawaii – Saipan; Lyle Mayhew, Army Air Corps, WWII; Dana D. Mayse, Army, WWII; Phillip A. McMahon, Navy, WWII, Korean; John W. McCallum, Air Force, WWII; Harold McCraw, Navy, WWII; Philip McCurdy, Army, WWII; Ralph McCurdy, Army, WWII; James McGaw, Army, WWII; Guy McKee, Army, WWII; Edward McKown, Army, WWII; Wilton McKown, Air Force, WWII; William McKown, Army, WWI; Virgil Meeker, Marines, WWII; Darwin Meger, Army, Korean; Virgil E. Merrill, Army Air Corps, WWII; Ernest Meyer, Air Force, Korean; John Meyer, Army, WWII; Harold Meyer, Air Force, WWII; Edward Meyer, Army, Korean; Dalbert M. Michael, Army, WWI;

Walter Miller, Navy, WWII; Lloyd Mitchell, Army, WWII; Herbert Moeller, Army, WWII; Royal B. Moffitt, Army, WWII; Edwin Moore, Army, WWI; George E. Moore, Army, WWII; Merlin Moore, Navy, WWII; Robert D. Moore Sr., Army, WWII; Donald Moriarty, Army, WWII; Francis Moriarty, Army, WWII; William S. Morgan, Navy, WWII; Melvin Mortensen, Army, WWII; Wendell Mosley, Navy, WWII;

Randy Nason, Army, WWII; Robert P. Nelson, Army, Korean; Thomas Nelson, Army Air Corps, WWII; Clayton Newgard, Navy, SW Pacific; Ralph Nicholsen, Air Force, Vietnam; Jean Nyhus, Navy, WWII;

Donald Oakes, Army, WWII; Albert Ofstads, Army, WWI; John H. Oldemeyer, Army, WWII; Emmett O’Neill, Air Corps, WWII; Francis O’Neill, Army, WWII; Martin J. Opsahl, Army, WWII, Korean; Warren Ott, Army, WWI;

Carl Pankonen, Army, WWII; Paul Pankonen, Navy, WWII; Marlin Pape, Air Force, Korean; Alvin “Max” Parras, Army, WWI; Charles Park, Navy, Korean; Roger W. Parsons, Marines, Korean; Robert E. Paschen, Air Force, Vietnam; William Paulsen, Army, WWI; Kenneth E. Pedersen, Army, WWII; Marcus Pekarek, Army, WWII; Earl R. Perkins, Air Corps, WWII; William (Bud) Peschon, Army, Vietnam; Robert Peters, Army, WWII, Korean; Lawrence Peters, Army, WWII; Virgil Petersen, Army Air Corp, WWII; Herbert Peterson, Army, WWII; John Peterson, Air Corps, WWII; Michael Peterson, Army, Vietnam; Herbert Petschow, Army, WWII;

Louis Petschow, Army, WWII; Donald N. Pike, Navy, WWII; Merle M. Pike, Army, WWII; Robert Plowman, Army, Vietnam; Edward Popp, Army Air Force, WWII; Herbert A. Popp, Army, WWII; Elroy Pottratz, Army, WWII; Wayne Priester, Air Force, WWII; Earl Prinsen, Army, WWII; Elmer Prinsen, Air Force, WWII; Walter Prinsen, Air Force, WWII;

Carl Raatz, Army, WWII; Gordon Rae, Navy, WWII; Elmer Raph, Navy, WWI; Donald Rasmussen, Navy, Korean; Jack Rasmussen, Army, WWII; George Rath, Air Corps, WWII; Harry Reich, Army, WWII; Edwin Rhode, Army, WWII; George Robson, Marines, WWI; John Roe, Army, Marines, WWI, WWII; Jasper Roesler, Navy, WWI, WWII; Franklin Rogers, Air Corps, WWII; Peter Rohloff, Marines, WWII; Allen Ronning, Navy, WWII; Floyd Ross, Army, WWII; Gilbert Runia, Army; Ronald J. Rydell, Navy, WWII;

Curtis Sabie, Army, WWI; Curtis J. Sabie, Army Air Force; Donald Sandberg, Navy, WWII; Bud Satre, Navy, WWII; Nicolas Schlim, Air Force, Foreign; Emil Schmidt, Army, WWII; Herbert Schmidt, Army, WWII; James Schmidt, Army, Korean; James L. Schmidt, Army, Vietnam; Herb Schmuck, Navy, WWII; Clarence T. Schneider, Navy, WWII; Edward Schneider, Air Force, WWII; Gordon Schnell, Army, WWII; Gerald Schneph, Army, WWII; Herbert Schons, Air Force, WWII; Helmuth Schroeder, Army, WWII; Charles Schroyer, Army, WWII; Elroy Schuldt, Army, WWII; Vernie Schuldt, Army, WWII; Stanley Schumann, Army, WII; Laurence Sendelbach, Army, WWII; Rhile (Dick) Sendelbach, Army, WWI; Duane Serie, National Guard; Virgil Serie, Army, Korean; Ernest Severeid, Army, WWII; Orville A. Severtson, Army, WWII;

George R. Shaffer, Marines, WWII; Paul H. Shane, Army, WWII; Perley Shurtliff, Army, WWI; George Sigmond, Army, WWII; Norris Skaarhaug, Army, WWII; Everett Skjei, Army, WWII; Ichabod B. Smith, Union Veteran, Civil War; Leonard P. Smith, Army, WWII; Lloyd L. Smith, Navy, WWII; Marlo Smith, Air Corps, WWII; Norwood Sommerlade, Army, WWII; Eldon Sommers, Army, WWII; Dennis Sonnenschein, Army, Vietnam; Charles D. Spark, Army, WWII; Robert P. Staab, Army, WWII; Jerry Stager, Navy, WWII; Donald Standish, Navy, WWII; John Steele, Air Force, WWII;

James Steele, Air Corps, WWII; Leonard Steele, Army, WWII; Harold Steuck, Army, Korean; Otto P. Steuck, Army, WWI; Russ Stevens, Marines, SW Pacific; Wayne Stoeber, Army, Korean; Roy H. Stolte, Army, WWII; Donald Stoltenberg, Army, WWII; Otto Stoltenberg, Army, WWI; John Strenge, Army, WWI; John Strenge, Jr., Army, WWII, Korean; Roger Strenge, Army, WWII; Herman Strittmatter, Navy, WWII; Paul Strobel, Army, Korean; Marvin J. Stromberg, Navy, WWII; Ervin A. Stueven, Army, WWII; Herb Stueven, Army WWII; Calvin Sumption, Army, WWII;
Bernard D. Tarras, Army, Korean; Phil Tate, Army, WWII; Roy Tatman, Navy, WWII; James Tepley, Air Corps, WWII;

Keith Thorndyke, Navy, WWI; Keith W. Thorndyke, Army Air Corps, WWII; Frank H. Tirrel, Army, Korean; Cecil Tobias, Army, WWII; Garvin Toresdahl, Army, WWII; Donald F. Totman, Army, WWII; Earl J. Totman, Navy, WWII; Harold M. Totman, Navy, Vietnam; Arvid Tracy, Army, WWII; Harold Tracy, Air Corps, WWII; Roy Trageser, Army, WWII; Kenneth Trigg, Marines, WWII; Wallace W. Trigg, Army, WWII; Dean Tuin, Army, Vietnam; Dick Tuinstra, Army, WWII; Gehart Tvedt, Army, WWII;

Herman Uilk, Army, WWII; John Van Bockel, Army, WWII; Henry Van Den Oever, Army, WWII; Gerald VanderPlaats, Army, WWII; Jill VanderPoel, Army, WWII; Gerrit VanDerWal, Marines, WWII; Martin VanderWal, Army, WWII, Vietnam; Bernard Veldhuizen, Army, WWII; Morris R. Van Hoecke, Sr., Marines, Korean; Ray Van Hoecke, Army, WWI; Peter Van Nieuwenhuyzen, Army, Korean; Alan Van Veldhuizen, Army, Vietnam; Arnold Veldhuizen, Army, WWII; Richard Van Veldhuizen, Air Force, Korean; Jack E. Verdoes, Navy, WWII; Duane Vockrodt, Army, Korean;
Leo Wagner, Army, WWII; Frank Walker, Army, WWII, Korean; Ole Walradth, Navy, WWI; Fred Walz, Army, WWI; Finis Ward, Army, WWI; Cecil Wathen, National Guard, Korean; Clarence Wathen, Army, WWI; Richard Wathen, Army, Korea; Henry Weets, Army, WWII; Edwin Weinkauf, Army, WWII; Bernard Welte, Army, WWII; Clifford Wentzel, Air Corps, WWII; Floyd Wentzel, Army, Korean; George Wentzel, Army, WWII; Robert “Joe” Wentzel, Navy, WWII; Howard C. Werner, Army, WWII; Maynard Werner, Army, WWII;

Paul G. Westphal, Army, WWII; Connie Westly, Army, WWII; Curt Westly, Air Force, Korean; John Westerbur, Army, WWII; Cyril Glenn Wheeler, Navy, Vietnam; Glen Whipple, Army, WWII; Allen B. Wiese, Army, Air Force, Vietnam; Harold A. Wiese, Army, WWII; Julius Will, Army, WWI; Charles H. Wilson, Army, Korean; Clayton “Bud” Wilson, Navy, WWII; Harold “Bud” Wilson, Army, WWII; August Winter, Navy, WWII; Herman Winter, Army, WWII; William J. Winter, Army, WWII; John Wittfoth, Army WWI; Edwin Wittrock, Army, WWII; Ollie Wittrock, Army, WWII; Fred Wollmuth, Army, WWII; Henry P. Wulf, Army, WWII; Walter Wussow, Army, WWII; Darwin Zarn, Navy, WWII; Floyd Zarn, Air Force, WWII; Rolland Zetterlund, Army, chaplin assistant; Otto Zingelman, Navy, WWII; Arnie Zochert, Army, Southwest Pacific.