Bear hunt

As a family of six, our house is rarely quiet. There is always a bustle, chatter, fighting or music playing to fill the walls of our home.

At times I pray for just a fraction of silence — just a small moment during the day when someone is not talking on top of the other and I am able to think more clearly. But silence seems to not be in the cards for the kids in my home. Almost immediately once they realize there is silence, someone yells at the Amazon device in our home that is responsible for keeping us entertained to play their favorite song.

We have mastered the use of the “Alexa” in our home and the tasks that it performs every day are quite funny. I often wonder if the person behind the “Alexa” ever looks at the stats of what questions and tasks are most frequently asked of it in our home. I am sure these stats would be amusing as each child in my home seems to have a list of requests on hand every day.

The requests range from the 11-year-old of “what is the weather today” to “what do camels eat” from the 8-year-old. The 5-year-old is usually asking for the best dad jokes.

However, the most popular request in our home comes from the little man. Not quite 2-years-old, his daily request comes in well over 10 times per day when he will yell “Echo (the name we gave our Alexa), play Bear Hunt.” He is often mad when his request is not met immediately and one of the older sisters will have to clarify that it is “Going on a Bear Hunt.”

If you have not had the pleasure of listening to such a song, type it into Google and you will be blessed with a silly song about two kids on an adventure looking for a bear. Now as a mom, you could tolerate this song a couple times over throughout the day after you see his excitement listening to the words intently every time. However, this little silly song has created a “Bear Hunt” obsession.

Every day now we must “go on a bear hunt” in our daily activities. If you spot me walking down the street these days, you may see me singing a song to my little man as he rides in the stroller. He may look like he is pointing at the lights on the houses as the sun is setting and we are quickly walking the dog. However, I am actually singing “going on a bear hunt” and he is pretending to see the bear by pointing to it and yelling “I’m not scared, I’m not scared.”

This scenario is the same no matter where we are. Grocery store = same. Getting in the bath = same. Putting on clothes = same. Driving in the car to school and daycare = same. All of these are daily activities in our day, and all now require a silly bear hunt song to be sung in order to accomplish it and avoid a meltdown.

As I can appreciate a good song to get me motivated throughout the day, it is more than just a silly song to this little man. This bear hunt song to him at almost 2-years-old is equivalent to his walk-up song in baseball. It pumps him up, provides a great distraction, gives him confidence and allows him to approach the day with a little swag in his step. All of these positives come at an expense to the rest of the house as the monotony of the song is met by the groans of all the others in the house by the end of the day as he yells again “Echo, play bear hunt!”

I have had the wonderful blessing of some amazing older women in my life and they often remind me that all too soon my home will be quiet and I will wish for the walls to be filled with the bustle again. I promise that I will try to remember this advice as I sing or listen to “going on a bear hunt” on repeat yet again today. With that, I pray that each of you find that song that makes you smile and play it on repeat this winter to bring a little swag in your step as we brace for the winter looming ahead.