Days Gone By Week of Jan. 10, 2022


January 15, 1897

Captain May, of the Salvation Army, returned to Fairmont this noon, and unless all signs fail the Army will open barracks in this city next week, and begin an active campaign against sin. The captain, while here secured a lease of the old opera hall for one year, and the lease was at once sent to the headquarters in Minneapolis for confirmation, and as soon as this is done and army of five or six workers will be sent here to begin work. This number will remain for some time, after which two will be placed here permanently and the meetings continued under their supervision by recruits. Captain May says the army always sends the most able workers to a town the size of Pipestone. As soon as final arrangements are made due notice of the opening will be given in these columns.


January 17, 1922

One of the most important real estate transfers made in Pipestone for a long time was completed Wednesday when the Mackay building, 110 East Olive Street, known as the Gem Theatre, was sold by Mrs. George J. Wilson of Cedar Rapids, Ia., to L. V. Feldman of this city.

Mr. Feldman, as was stated in last Tuesday’s Star, on Saturday purchased from Jerry Hines the Orpheum theatre building and the equipment and the business of the Gem Theatre, Mr. Feldman taking possession of his new property on Sunday. In the purchase of the building occupied by the Gem, Mr. Feldman is now the owner of both theatre buildings in Pipestone, as well as in control of the business at both places.


January 16, 1947

The new club room for the Pipestone post of the Veterans of Foreign Wars is now officially open, and it is announced that any bona fide member of any veterans’ organization or member of the armed forces is welcome to the use of the place.

Located over the Orpheum Theatre, the room is accessible from the outside fire escape stairway on the east side of the building. The spacious quarters are furnished quite elaborately with numerous comfortable chairs and settees.

There is a pocket billiard table, and a rich mahogany bar and back-bar complete  the luxurious atmosphere.


January 17, 1972

Girl’s gymnastics started its third year in mid-October under the direction of Mrs. Hutchinson.

Due to the extramural regulations, the girls are only allowed to compete in three meets.

In keeping with the high school rules, only girls in grades 9-12 may compete, although 7th and 8th graders are encouraged to come and work out. 

There are four different categories in gymnastics. These are the balance beam, vaulting, uneven parallel bars and floor exercise.


January 16, 1997

The Pipestone County Food Shelf Board met on Jan. 17, at St. Joseph Church in Jasper.

The treasurer, Al Claussen, reported that there was great support for the organization during the fall and Christmas holiday.

A report on the number of clients served during the past year was given by Lorena Studt of Pipestone. There were 280 households served in 1996 which included 908 individuals. These numbers are down slightly from a year ago.

The Pipestone County Food Shelf is open every Wednesday from 1:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. in the basement of the City Office building.