Days Gone By Week of Nov. 22, 2021


November 27, 1896

The team which our old friend Major Rice, of Troy, drives to town looks docile enough, but the animals can “git up and git” when they want to. This morning the Major tied the team in a shed at Frank Plank’s while he transacted some business down town. The animals stood all right until the Great Northern train came along, when they wheeled around and out of the shed and struck their gait—which was a lively one. The buggy to which the animals were hitched, was somewhat demoralized before the runaways were captured.


November 29, 1921

Arrangements are now being made by Pipestone Council No. 346, United Commercial Travelers, for their annual ball, which will be held at the Calumet Hotel on Friday evening, December 16, and in connection with the dance they will have a few carnival features. Landlord Tatman has generously granted the traveling men the free use of the hotel dining room and lobby for this occasion. It will be a public affair and tickets are to be sold at one dollar. H.C. Parker, Ray Banner, Kirk Revell and W. Schultz, has charge of the arrangements.


November 28, 1946

Mayor Fred Walz on Tuesday gave out the following information concerning the “Brown Out” which was scheduled to take effect in Pipestone that evening.

All store window lights and store signs were ordered off. Fifty percent of the Main Street White Way was turned off and as soon as possible the 150 watt bulbs in the street intersection lights will be replaced with 100 watt bulbs.

The work of decorating the streets for Christmas will be continued and all lights wreaths and festoons will be put up at this time. But no lights will be turned on in The decorations until the Brown Out orders are suspended.

Curtailment of electric lighting service is the principal effect that has thus far been felt locally, from the strike of soft coal miners.


November 29, 1971

Grand prize winner in First National Bank’s Dress A-Doll contest was Mrs. R. A. McMullen, Pipestone. Winners in other categories were Mrs. Carl Erickson, Pipestone, Mrs. W. J. Kuhn, Lake Benton, Mrs. Russ Sumption, Pipestone, Mrs. Clarence Taylor, Jr., Pipestone, Mrs. Greta McDaniel, Holland, Sandra Brake, Wilmont and Linda VandenBerg Edgerton.

The dolls will be given to needy girls in the Pipestone area or auctioned off by silent bids with the money going toward purchase of toys for needy boys.


November 28, 1996

Construction crews from Olympic Pools built a tent-like structure late last week that will enable crews to continue concrete pouring for another two-weeks.

The city has had little good luck through the entire family aquatic facility project, but got some good news with the building of the tent. Had the tent not been built, the heavy snowfall would have certainly shut down the project until spring.

As it is, the structure sagged and some leaks developed in the tent-like material because of the heavy snows. Despite the storm, however, City Services Director Randy Claussen kept a vigil at the site, stopping several times to make sure heaters inside the structure were operating.