Days Gone By Week of Oct. 16, 2023


Oct. 21, 1898

It is safe to predict now that the second story of the new Ferris Block will be converted into a first-class opera house, and this announcement will be greeted with joy by our people. Mr. Ferris has signed an agreement to build the hall and 15 of our people have put up $100 each–$1,500—the bonus asked by Mr. Ferris. From what we can learn the hall will be fitted up in first-class shape and will be a credit to our little city and a lasting monument to Mr. Ferris. The stage will be large and the fittings nice; the entire hall will have a raised floor and be seated with folding opera chairs; the balcony will be large and cozy; the hall will be lighted by electricity and heated by steam. It is thought it can be opened sometime in February and the opening night will be an epoch in theatrical history in Pipestone for one of the very best companies in the west will be brought here regardless of expense, and those who have subscribed for $5 tickets will get full value for their money.


A Star man was shown the plan of the front of the new Opera House this morning and we must say the new building will be an ornament to the city. The front of the building will be 56 feet long and 40 feet high. There will be two polished name plates in the front of the block, the one over the west store containing “Ferris Block” and the one over the east store “Manuel Block.” In the center at the top will be a large half circle which will contain in large letters “Ferris Grand,” the name under which the new play house will be known. The new block will be a beauty and one to which people will always be able to point with pride.


Oct. 19, 1923

Saturday, October 20, is the date announced for the opening of Rex Theatre, the new motion picture house being established by J. DeBelser in this city. Work of enlarging and remodeling the building for the theatre, at the corner of Olive and Lowry streets, recently has been completed.

It is announced that a free matinee for children will be given Saturday afternoon at 2:30 o’clock, and the management especially requests the parents to send their children to the afternoon show, in order that the entire seating capacity of the house may be reserved for adults in the evening.

The picture attraction announced for the opening day is “The Driving Fool,” which has just been having a successful run in Minneapolis and will not be released until Saturday morning for showing at other points in the state. Manager DeBelser has arranged to have the film brought here by automobile, in order to secure it in time for the opening matinee.

Besides the picture feature in the evening, it is announced that there will be an address by a speaker from Minneapolis, a special orchestra will furnish music, and there will be carnations free for the ladies.


Oct. 21, 1948

Minnesota’s 1948 open season on pheasants starts at noon on Saturday of this week and will remain open for shooting from noon until sunset daily through Sunday, October 31.

The daily limit is two cock birds, and possession limit (after the opening day) is four cock birds. The entire southwest portion of the state is being opened for the pheasant season, but birds are reported most numerous in adjoining counties, and a heavy influx of hunters here is expected the opening day.

Pipestone sportsmen have received the usual request to furnish pheasants for the disabled veterans dinner in the veterans hospital next Thursday, according to Lawrence Stoeber of the Pipestone Gun Club.

Local sportsmen have been asked to contribute 20 pheasants for the dinner. The birds are to be turned in to the Pipestone Tire & Battery, and they will be picked up there at 6 o’clock Monday evening and taken to Minneapolis. Three shotgun shells will be given for each pheasant donated, Mr. Stoeber said.


Oct. 18, 1973

As American troops return home from another distant conflict, and when, for the first time in this century, the hope is strong for a full generation of peace, it is particularly fitting that we should pay tribute to the veterans who have served our nation’s flag with honor.

No group has sacrificed more for the cause of peace and freedom than the men and women who have proudly worn the American uniform. In serving God and country they have sought no glory for themselves, but peace and freedom for us all. As a nation we owe them an enduring debt.

Now, therefore, I, Wayne Mortensen, Mayor of the City of Pipestone do hereby call upon the citizens of Pipestone to join in commemorating Monday, October, 22, 1973 as Veteran’s Day with suitable observances. I urge all citizens especially to honor the memory of those who have fallen in battle, those of our veterans who lie in hospital beds today, and the brave men held prisoner or missing in action, and all their families and dependents.

Let us, as a people, give them our gratitude and our prayers; also, I direct the citizens of this city to arrange for the display of the flag of the United States on this day, and I request the officials of all agencies to give their enthusiastic support and leadership to appropriate public ceremonies throughout the city.

In witness thereof I declare Monday, October 22, 1973 as Veteran’s Day 

Signed: Wayne O. Mortensen, Mayor, City of Pipestone 


Oct. 22, 1998

Pipestone singer Kimber Lee has realized a lifelong dream with the release of her very own compact disc last week.

The album called “Takin’ My Own Sweet Time” is of special interest to area folks. For one thing, Kimber Lee – she is officially changing her name from Kim Stueven to Kimber Lee Stueven – is a local singer of considerable renown. For another thing, one of the songs on the album – the title song in fact – is co-written by Mylan Ray of KLOH, a “midnight lyricist” who would like to make a name for himself in this area.

The partnership of two people from the same community is largely by accident, it turns out. Mylan Ray, a longtime disc jockey at KLOH Radio in Pipestone, has dabbled in song-writing, and for 20 years, has been a friend of famed writer Dennis Morgan.