Improvements planned for law enforcement center parapet walls

Pipestone County Commissioners during a special Nov. 2 meeting approved a quote of $14,595 from The Garland Company to improve the parapet walls on top of the law enforcement center (LEC).

The quote was the lowest of three received. The highest was $18,950.

According to the quote from The Garland Company, the work will include installing self-adhering ice and water shield over the wall and cap, installing a wall panel system over the existing masonry wall, and installing a new coping cap over the existing stone cap. The quote includes a 10-year warranty.

The commissioners went up onto the roof of the LEC to look at the parapet walls during their meeting. The concrete blocks of the parapet are visibly deteriorating and in some places the mortar was missing and daylight was visible through gaps between the blocks.

“It’s really getting in bad shape,” said Building and Ground Supervisor Wayne Drew.

The commissioners said the deterioration of the blocks has been a problem for some time and the special meeting was called so that the work could be approved and be completed yet this fall. County Administrator Steve Ewing said the project required the approval of the county commissioners based on the county’s purchasing policy and its cost being more than $10,000. Ewing said there were funds available in the building and plant budget to pay for the work.

The LEC was built in 1976 and 1977.