Let’s talk about this crazy spring…

I mean before we get to move onto a hopefully glorious summer of course. Did you get any damage? I hope it was minimal. We had too much. Our big red barn splintered into a million pieces, a horse trailer that did some cartwheels, a pickup, two sheds, damage to our roof and siding. We also lost three of our dairy goats when they got caught underneath a barn wall.

May was certainly not our month.

But we’re cleaning up and really got everything taken care of but the massive amounts of tin. Hopefully in the next month, we can get all the metal taken down to recycling. We’ve been dealing with nails from the barn. I tell you what, that barn had so many nails in it (really good construction), we’ve been rolling over spots with magnets and still are picking up nails weeks later.

Honestly, if you could see our lawn right now, you’d cringe. The grass is about a foot long in spots, because the nails and little pieces of wood ALL OVER. Ron wasn’t buying the idea that we just take the Bobcat and skim off the top layer and replant the grass.  So right now, it’s full of lambs. Hopefully they’ll eat that long grass up and we can continue working on it. I mean, he’s right, now it’s pasture, correct? LOL! The one good thing about all this rain, the wheat that’s emerging in our area looks really good. Also, I checked out my hay crop, on point! That nice hay crop makes me happy.

At the end of May I spent a week up in Miles City, Mont. for the Bucking Horse Sale. I was vending, so I didn’t come home with a string of horses, to the dismay of some of my girls, but the history with that sale is so incredible. My step dad remembers going to that sale with his dad as a kid selling wild horses. Pretty neat. If you ever have the chance to go, do it. I wish I would have had more time to spend up there just to see everything, the scenery is so incredible.

So, what’s up for this month? Here at the ranchero, we’re butchering chickens for the freezer, running to league softball and baseball (our favorite summer activities!), and going to school to lift and workout for fall and winter sports, which don’t get me on my soap box about this…one of my kids said to me, “summer is about fishing, playing ball, working and relaxing.” They’re right. I seriously think that taking away a kid’s summer (even if it’s a volunteer thing) isn’t the way to go.

But onto our summer bucket list! Hanging out on the beach as the kid’s swim is a staple here. That’s a date night for Ron and I or just sitting and reading a book. Also, this is the second to last summer with Grace, as she’s our senior next year. Man! Wasn’t she just a five-year-old? She’s been putting a ton of time on a new horse she bought and now the horse bug has seemingly bit Jessica who each night that I’m working at the table, sits with me showing me horses for sale. I told her; I want to find something that’s broke. An older horse that has done his job, and now can cart a tween around showing her the ropes and be her forever horse. So, if you know of an older, good disposition but maybe a little stern, good feet, can be ugly (I’m saying that not her), that would like to spend his golden years with a 12-year-old that knows how to ride, and that would love her and let her love him until she has to bury him, let me know. We’re in the market. Or I should say she is. The condition is, she buys it.

Until next time, 

Fairchild “one day at a time!” Farmgirl

Suzanne Fairchild is a freelance writer who lives on a farm in southwest Minnesota with her husband and children. She can be reached at rmf@itctel.com.