Letter from our readers: Stop the fear narrative


I attended the December 8 Meinders Community Library Board meeting.

One of the questions addressed to the Library Board was why the planned and approved security upgrade to the doors at the School/Library connection has not been done along with other school construction. The answer from the school board representative was the nebulous “supply chain issues.” I question how the library doors, initially part of the selling point for the referendum and theoretically in the building plans, came up against supply chain issues, but the new weight room door (built after the fact and never a referendum item because it didn’t have enough support to make the ballot) was easily managed. School Board members keep repeating the concern for the safety and security of the students as the reason for the lawsuit, but this is not supported by their actions.

Another construction issue that was kept quiet was the planned wall that would have reduced the size of the Library by nearly half. We were told at the recent meeting the school “board was waiting to see if they had enough money in the budget” to do this. I think it may have been public outcry and the realization that this takeover would have negated the “intention of gift” by the Meinders Family Foundation.

It is the school’s responsibility to fix the safety issues within their referendum dollars in a timely fashion rather than continue to use safety and security as a means to gain control of library space and staff.

We need open, respectful and transparent conversations using factual information which will benefit our entire community.

Deb Brockberg


Meinders Community Librarian 2002-2007