Letters from our readers: Who is God and how do we approach Him


In my lifetime I have seen a huge shift in people’s opinion of God in most church denominations. In chapel in high school we had a different pastor from the area do the Thursday chapels. One old pastor took two turns because he had a heart for the youth.

He told us that all our lives we had been taught that God is a God of wrath against sin and we are to approach him with fear and trembling. All denominations had fire and brimstone preachers. Then the old pastor told us a new concept. He said that “God can be your friend”. He said we still had to believe the old way because that was Biblical, but this new idea he was telling us was also Biblical so we should believe both. We were not to pick and choose what God we wanted to believe in but to see and respect all of God.

When I have guesses and opinions on what God thinks of us when humans have some blatant mistakes and some very subtle mistakes, I have to pray to ask if there is another area where he can show me where I have to improve as well.

Roger Elgersma