Local resident stands ready to start on Jasper school building



As Reclaim Community waits to gain possession of the Jasper school building, plans for immediate repairs and clean up are in the works.

The group Reclaim Community recently raised the $25,000 required to purchase the school. The school property owned by the late Dick Haase was made available for purchase on an online auction at the end of 2014.

Probate for the Haase estate needs to be filed, which has slowed the transfer of the property, according to Elicia Kortus Reclaim Community leader.

Kortus hopes the transfer will take place at the end of March. However, the Haase family has offered to set up a liability release for Reclaim Community to begin working on the building in the meantime.

Within the next few weeks, the group hopes to file their LLC paperwork and sign the liability release after having the documents reviewed by a lawyer. Kortus isn’t too worried about the delay.

“It’s still pretty chilly to be in a building that isn’t heated,” she said.

However, excitement for the next stage of the project remains.

Terry Skyberg, a Jasper resident, is ready to begin repairing the building again. Skyberg helped with repairs on the Jasper building with former owner, Haase.

“I’m just waiting for the go-ahead,” Skyberg said.

According to Skyberg, there are about five areas of the roof that need fixing and patch work. The 1939 addition needs the most work, with damage in the locker room being a high priority.

“I’m in construction,” Skyberg said. “It’s going to get done one way or another.”

In addition to beginning roof repairs as soon as possible, Reclaim Community will be asking volunteers to come in and help clean up debris.

Another repair issue is to take care of the mold issues and get the building ventilated by opening the windows when the weather warms up.

One thing Skyberg and volunteers will have to look into is electricity for the school building, which does not exist at this time. Skyberg recalled that Haase might have had the wires clipped. He hopes to investigate the issue further with upcoming warmer weather. Skyberg will look around and decide on a specific game plan from there.

The first goal is to get the 1939 addition all cleaned up and presentable so the gym can be opened up and used again, Skyberg said. Some classrooms may be used for crafts, exhibits and maybe a small library with used books.

Several people have expressed interest in volunteering with the repair and clean up process. Those who would like to add their name to a volunteer list can call 348-9881.

“Everything is looking better,” Skyberg said. “Now we just have to make it better.”

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