Lost ‘Fancy’ found

The owners of a gray and white cat named “Fancy” reported last week that their lost cat was found and is being cared for by a Jasper family until the owners return from their overwinter-residence in Arizona.

Julie and Maurice McKinley were travelling on New Year’s Eve from their Royalton, Minn. acreage to their winter home in Cornville in northern Arizona. When they stopped to get gas in Pipestone, their cat Fancy made a quick leap to freedom.

“We raised her on the farm,” Julie McKinley said by phone last week. “She’s never been off the farm. We’ve never taken her anywhere. When she saw all the cars going by, she was just crazy; we couldn’t catch her.”

The couple searched for the cat in the gathering dusk with temperatures already below 0 degrees F, but to no avail. Two days later, a man who works in Pipestone but lives in Jasper discovered Fancy inside his garage.

“Actually, under the hood of his car,” Julie McKinley said. “He saw fecal matter so he started looking.”

The McKinleys had written their phone number on the cat’s pink collar.

“She’s such a runner; she’s so wild,” Julie McKinley said. “I thought if she does get out, if I write her number on the pink collar, somebody might find her.”

The man contacted the McKinleys to let him know he’d found her and agreed to keep Fancy until April when the McKinleys return from Arizona. The family did not want to be identified for this story.

The Pipestone County Star posted a notice about the lost cat on its Facebook site on New Year’s Eve moments after Fancy escaped. The post generated a fair amount of interest: 3,742 views, with 28 shares.

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