New Iowa site to serve local, area farmers

Local and area farmers will soon be served by a new Wyffels Hybrids warehouse and distribution center in Ames, Iowa.

That’s the word from Randy Michelson, district sales manager in Jackson and Nobles counties.

The new facility will be located on around 150 acres near Interstate 35 and Highway 30 in Ames. The first phase of construction includes a new warehouse and distribution center to bring seed closer to customers across southern Minnesota, as well as southern South Dakota and all of Iowa.

Jacob Wyffels, Wyffels Hybrids vice president of production, said he fully expects future expansion will include seed corn production capabilities, enhanced research and corn breeding functions, agronomic demonstration opportunities and meeting and training resources for employees and customers.

“Our customers expect a certain level of quality and personal service,” Wyffels said. “This new site will be key to meeting those expectations in many aspects for years to come.”

Adding a site in the center of the western portion of the Wyffels marketing footprint is the next step in the evolution of the growing business, Wyffels said, adding the new Iowa site will expand as further growth drives the need for additional capabilities.

“Our western business has been a critical part of our growth for many years, and we’re excited about taking this step toward the future,” Wyffels said.

Wyffels Hybrids plans to begin shipping from the Iowa site in spring 2024.

“We’re excited to break ground in Ames next spring,” Wyffels said. “This is a historical moment for our family and our team of employees. We look forward to working alongside even more corn growers who see the value and importance of independence and family ownership.”