PAS’ should be removed from name of private local Facebook page

Dear Editor,

We found out about a Facebook page called “PAS Parents & Students Against Bullying & Violence.” Since it uses the name “PAS (Pipestone Area Schools),” we thought it was for everyone in the community to POST and VIEW what is really going on inside our schools. But, when I try putting my daughter’s bullying incident on, it didn’t let me post anything. Whoever opened this page blocked my post, all the posts about my post and all of the comments about my daughter. If this page is to alert the community, how come someone can choose who can and can’t comment or post on the page? I really think it is unfair that nobody will be able to know the story behind the supposed attack just because it involved racism that this person is trying to cover.

If not everyone can post or comment what really happened in the school they should remove PAS’ out of the page name because it’s more of a personal page than for the community.

Manuel Garcia