Pipeline a long-time neighbor


After reading the Pipestone County Star article on the proposed pipeline, I felt the articles were very one sided with individuals from all over expressing their viewpoints, which is fine, but not mentioning locals that have lived by the pipeline. I attended and spoke at the April 23rd meeting. For over 55 years I lived near and farmed over the pipeline. The line went diagonally through our home quarter. Within a football distance there was a five acre site the pipeline had a booster station on. The site contained one large storage tank similar to the tanks at Marshall and Sioux Falls, one smaller tank for station use and a brick building housing engines to aid in line pressure. In the early days the building was manned by a crew, later automated and dismantled in 1991.

Over the years I watched as the company pressure tested lines and replaced pipe which I thought after decades in the ground looked like new. They had pressure monitoring to indicate any line loss and conducted regular airplane fly overs close to ground following the line from Sioux Falls to Marshall. A couple of farms had the lines coming out and over streams in pastures.

My dad signed the original easement and I did so later when some changes were needed. We had no issues working with the company. It takes two willing participants to make an equitable agreement.

Everyone has their own beliefs and feelings, which is fine. Pipelines are currently the most efficient way to move product. Accidents can happen to anything. However, the one leak in Pipestone County was caused by an outside source and Magellan or any company does not have control over these.

Some individuals seem to be against everything. I agree with Mr. Altena that Magellan and its predecessors have been good caretakers and hopefully an equitable route is established.

Bob Klinsing