Pipestone County Commissioner Meeting Minutes – Oct. 10, 2023

Pipestone County Commissioner Meeting

October 10, 2023

The Pipestone County Commissioners met with Chairman Dan Wildermuth, Commissioners Chris Hollingsworth, Luke Johnson, Doug Nagel, and Dallas Roskamp. County Administrator Steve Ewing was also present. Chairman Wildermuth called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.


Motion by Hollingsworth, seconded by Roskamp to approve the agenda.  Motion carried unanimously.


Motion by Johnson, seconded by Nagel to approve the consent agenda as follows:

1. Approve Commissioners Minutes: 09/26/2023 Commissioner Meeting

2. Approve Auditors Warrants: 09/29/2023, 10/06/2023

3. Approve Commissioners Warrants in the amount of $280,367.58

4. Approve Hospital Warrants $456,465.74

5. Approve Treasurer’s Report September 2023

Motion carried unanimously.

As per Minnesota Statute 375.12 the following Commissioner Warrants information is presented:

Towmaster (vendor name), $56,456.00 (amount paid)

Johnson Controls  Inc,  $41,471.94 

Regents Of The University Of Minnesota,  $38,454.99 

Visa-First Bank & Trust,  $15,587.44 

Van Dyke Sanitation Inc,  $13,469.24 

Pipestone County Highway Department,  $12,333.89 


Southwest Health & Human Services,  $11,570.89 

Motorola Solutions Connectivity  Inc,  $7,559.15 


Johnson Feed Inc,  $7,016.40 

Counties Providing Technology,  $5,058.00 

O’Neill O’Neill & Barduson,  $4,963.00 

Vander Stoep Furniture Inc,  $3,972.00 

Nutrien Ag Solutions  (Iowa),  $3,569.09 

Heartland Security Services LLC,  $3,482.21 

Pipestone County Medical Center,  $3,055.50 

Alpha Wireless Communications Co,  $2,535.00 

Midwest Alarm Company  Inc,  $2,468.80 

Ole’s Lock & Key,  $2,391.50 

Justice Fire & Safety LLC,  $2,107.00 

Warrants over $2,000,  $257,275.50 

Number of Claims under $2,000,  64

Warrants under $2,000,  $23,092.08 

Total,  $280,367.58 


County Engineer Nick Bergman provided information on project updates, projects under contract and projects in the planning stage.


Engineer Bergman presented for approval the amended Prioritized Bridge Replacement List as follows:

LT 10 – 48” (old bridge number), TROY TWP 253 (road number or name),  $180,000 (total project cost),  $160,000 (township or state bridge funds),  $20,000 (local or state aid funds), 2026 (proposed construction year)

LT 10 – 60”,  TROY TWP 253,  $165,000,  $145,000,  $20,000,  2026

LT 10 – 3 60”,  TROY TWP 253,  $255,000,  $235,000,  $20,000, 2026

LT 10 – 7.5’ x 6’ , BOX CSAH 11,  $190,000,  $170,000,  $20,000 , 2026

L3598,  CSAH 16,  $105,000,  $85,000,  $20,000, 2027

L3672,  AETNA TWP 280,  $250,000,  $230,000,  $20,000,  2027

L3673,  FNT. PR. TWP 280,  $170,000,  $150,000,  $20,000,  2027

L3681,  AETNA TWP 289,  $190,000,  $170,000 , $20,000,  2027

L3689,  OSBORNE TWSP 5, $85,000, $65,000, $20,000, 2027

88831,  FNT. PR. TWP 280,  $400,000,  $380,000,  $20,000,  2027

59520, ALTONA TWP 276,  $680,000,  $660,000,  $20,000, 2028

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Roskamp to approve Resolution 59-30-23 Amending the Prioritized Bridge Replacement List. Motion carried unanimously.


Engineer Bergman reported that the City of Holland is looking into a Local Road Improvement Program (LRIP) project and asked if the County would be willing to sponsor that project. This has been done for other cities within Pipestone County. Consensus of the Board to allow the County to be the City of Holland LRIP project sponsor.

Engineer Bergman reported that the State of Minnesota and Historical Society are reviewing the Stone Arch Bridge bids to see if the contractors meet their criteria for historic preservation.

Engineer Bergman reported on maintenance activities from the past month including touching up and painting a culvert on County Road 2, graveling, and crack sealing.


Human Resources Coordinator Cathy Feste reported that Mary Madetzke will be starting as the full-time Deputy Auditor II on October 16, 2023.

Feste reported that Braxton Thompson will be moving from volunteer EMT status to part-time status effective October 1, 2023.

HR Coordinator Feste requested approval of the employment termination of part-time Deputy Auditor/Treasurer III Chuck Serbus, whose last day was September 28, 2023. Motion by Nagel, seconded by Hollingsworth to approve the employment termination of Chuck Serbus effective September 28, 2023. Motion carried unanimously.


IT Director Bill Folger requested approval of the renewal of maintenance and system upgrades for the IBM Power 9 server which hosts a variety of County software programs. Motion by Hollingsworth, seconded by Roskamp to approve the following quote:

Redstone Technologies, Inc.

IBM 1:9009 Model 41A Power 9 Three-year renewal $10,965.01

Motion carried unanimously.

IT Director Folger requested approval to renew the contract for firewall services. Motion by Roskamp, seconded by Nagel to approve the following quote from Morris Electronics Inc.:

Cisco FirePOWER 2130 NGFW with SMARTnet and Threat Defense $29,030.76.

Motion carried unanimously.


Sheriff Keith Vreeman presented a state contract quote from Motorola Solutions for purchase of ten new radios for the Sheriff’s Office.  Quote received was $56,235.60. Pipestone County received a grant for $173,471.00 in public safety aid that can be used for this purchase.  Motion by Hollingsworth, seconded by Nagel to authorize purchase of ten new radios from Motorola Solutions for $56,235.60 to be paid for from public safety aid funds. Motion carried unanimously.


Sheriff Vreeman reported that the HEAT team is planning to purchase a new bus. Thirty-one agencies participate in the HEAT team program and costs will be spread over all agencies. Cost for Pipestone County is $7,500.00.  Sheriff Vreeman recommended making the purchase with the restricted fund accounts Redemption of Forfeitable Motor Vehicles and Drug Forfeiture Money. Motion by Nagel, seconded by Johnson to approve bus project funds for $7,500.00 with amounts to be split 50/50 from the two restricted accounts as recommended by the Sheriff. Motion carried unanimously.


Auditor/Treasurer Amanda Sandy reported that there was a homestead status error on parcel 01.030.0700, owned by Rod and Linda Schulze. The non-homestead status on parcel 01.030.0700 affected the tax amount on parcels 01.030.0800 and 06.012.0400. Both the Assessor and Auditor/Treasurer recommend the recalculation and abatement of taxes in the amount of $1,072.00. Motion by Johnson, seconded by Wildermuth to approve the property tax abatement to Rod and Linda Schulze in the amount of $1,072.00. Motion carried unanimously.


County Administrator Steve Ewing reported on the status of the Southwest Government Center Building located at 1016 8th Ave SW, Pipestone. All affected offices plan to relocate to the new location in late October.


Commissioners reported on the following Committee Meetings:

Commissioner Nagel: Budget Meeting, Buffalo Ridge Drug Task Force, PrimeWest Health, Minnesota Rural Counties, AMC Legislative Conference, Private Industry Council, SWHHS, PCMC, Radio Board.

Commissioner Roskamp: Budget Meeting, Insurance Committee, AMC Legislative Conference, Plum Creek Library, Hospital Executive meeting, Opioid Settlement Meeting.

Commissioner Hollingsworth: Sharing Hands Nurse Family Partnership, Union Negotiations, Special Budget Meeting, Explore Southwest, SRDC, CPT Executive Meeting, Personnel, CPT Board, PCMC.

Commissioner Johnson:  PCMC, Highway 23 Coalition, AMC Civil Mediation Training, MRC Annual Meeting.

Commissioner Wildermuth: Library Board, Preparing for new MN Laws, PrimeWest, Southwest 18 Mental Health Consortium, PCMC Plant Operations, Law Enforcement Liaison Committee, SHAQ, Explore Southwest, AMC meeting, Pipestone Area Coalition, SMOC, Finance/Personnel at SWHHS, SWHHS union negotiations, Avera meeting in Sioux Falls, RMEB, A.C.E.

Motion by Johnson, seconded by Hollingsworth to adjourn the meeting.  Motion carried unanimously.  Meeting adjourned at 10:20 a.m.

Dan Wildermuth

Pipestone County Board Chairman


Steven Ewing

County Administrator