Remember the good times

My general way to approach the world is through a lens of optimism. I think this helps me see the good in people, hopefully the good within me, and generally keeps life in the positive. That being said, I don’t think I live in a blind world behind rose colored glasses that paint a distorted view of reality. There are tough topics we deal with and certainly bad exists around us. I think how we handle these challenges has a direct impact on the outcomes.

This past year I’ve dealt with a number of personal and work challenges that have pushed some boundaries of living life with optimism and positivity. However, I think it’s one’s ability to see the positive and maintain optimism that provide strength to get through the tough spots. Again, our approach has a direct impact on the outcome. Even when the outcome is not what we desire, I think the positive mindset helps us cope.

This week I live through a certain life milestone. My 50th birthday is upon me and let’s just say it’s been a very blessed 50 years on this great earth. Not every day is picture prefect, but in whole, it’s been a good run this far. As the day approaches, I’ve had some acquaintances ask how I’m taking it, or make comments that it’s a ‘big’ one. Yes, this one is a sort of milestone, but I believe that every year I can celebrate a birthday is a big deal. I enjoy life. I want many more milestones. I approach this milestone with optimism and hope for many more to come.

This week’s event has provided me some cause to look back and do a bit of analysis of those 50 years. As the band Queen wrote in We are the Champions: “And bad mistakes. I’ve made a few. I’ve had my share of sand kicked in my face. But I’ve come through.” I don’t proclaim to be a champion of any sorts, but in thinking about the rough times, having the mindset to overcome, to be a champion, makes things work. Again, positive push through the bad can create a good outcome.

I’ve also realized that most of life is not the tough times, but the great times. Far too often some tough patches rise to the top of memory and we forget the great times. I have a wonderful wife and four children. I have a solid network of friends. I have a career that I enjoy and employees I enjoy seeing at work everyday. I have a faith that teaches me that there is a beautiful life awaiting me when I depart this earth. These are my positives, my championships. What are yours? Think of them often when you are faced with milestones that could turn south.