Sales pending after SW Acres lot prices are reduced

One month after the Pipestone Economic Development Authority (EDA) voted to reduce the price for five available lots in Southwest Acres First Addition from $26,000 and $27,000 to $15,000, sales are pending on two lots. One of the lots is actually in Southwest Acres Third Addition, but Interim City Administrator Deb Nelson said during the May 15 EDA meeting that the buyer owns an adjoining lot in the First Addition, so the newly purchased lot will become part of First Addition.

Nelson said someone had also expressed interest in building a twin home in Southwest Acres. EDA Chair Rodger Smidt said the covenants for Southwest Acres First Addition don’t allow twin homes, but they are allowed in the Third Addition if they’re on two lots. He said he’d provided that information to the interested party and had not heard back. The price of lots in the Third Addition was not changed, so those lots are still $28,000.

There is no street and there are no utilities in part of Southwest Acres Third Addition and EDA Board member Scott Swanson suggested extending the utilities if someone wanted to build in that area and leaving the road gravel until all the lots in that area are sold. EDA member Dan Delaney said he’d like to see the lots in First Addition that already have infrastructure be sold before utilities are extended or additional streets are developed in Third Addition.

EDA members decided to find out what it would cost to extend the utilities for now. They also discussed reducing the price of Third Addition lots to $15,000, but decided to leave them priced as is for now.
The board also approved advertising the available Southwest Acres First Addition lots to raise awareness of the reduced price.