What a February so far!

First of all, the Black Hills Stock Show out in Rapid City did not disappoint. If I ever quit doing vendor shows, I think I’d still do that one. Man, how fun.

This year I decided to take not only my two daughters Rachel and Grace, but we took Rachel’s friend and our son Levi. The next day, our eldest daughter Kara and our youngest Jessica came as well.

It was a blast showing Levi everything and I had rented a little bit bigger house than normal, so it was pretty cool, when at the Airbnb; he had the basement to himself, huge TV, ping pong that he would play with his sister, and he also had some great furniture down there. He called it his man cave.

All my kids are excited to go, not only for a little R&R, but we’ve made some great friends out there that have kids their ages. Left to their own devices, Levi along with his friends Francis and Weston only came back to our booth a few times a day to get money for corn dogs, fountain pop or relieve his sisters or I when we wanted a break to go walk around. One of those times, I came back to three 15 year old boys selling soap with a sign that said, “Buy $25 worth of soap and get a free rhinoceros.”

Apparently, they had found a stuffed rhino from a booth. LOL. Those boys kept us on our toes.

This was Grace’s last year going out for the full show and it was a little bittersweet, she and Rachel have been coming to this one for four years. Grace is great selling and Rachel is wonderful packing the vehicle both ways. I’m debating on who gets the full time spot of Grace’s next year.

I also did something kind of neat out there as well. I figured it was going to be pretty slow out there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday as it usually is, so I decided I was going to see if I could teach some needle felting classes. That was a blast, I was able to teach two classes to home school coops and I gave a lecture at a yarn shop. I was so excited to get a message from the Dahl Art Center out there to give more classes when I go. We shall see.

We got home, got unloaded, filled more orders and two days later then I went in to get a hysterectomy. Wow, this surgery took the wind out of my sails for sure! But with each day it’s getting a little better. I needed to have it, so it is what it is. Now in a month or so I can have my right hip replaced and it’ll be a new me in 2023!

I have big plans, just you wait!

Until next time,

Fairchild “as soon as I can leave this recliner for more than
10 minutes” Farmgirl


Suzanne Fairchild is a freelance writer who lives on a farm in southwest Minnesota with her husband and children. She can be reached at rmf@itctel.com.