Days Gone By Week of April 6, 2015

125 YEARS AGOApril 4, 1890W.F. Monke and Murphy Brothers have taken out Saloon licenses for the next year, each firm paying $1,000 into the village treasury. S.J. Perkins has decided to quit the business, so we understand, at least he has not taken out a license.***A car of fine horses was shipped from the Percheron Horse Company’s farm on Tuesday. […]

Woodstock News Week of April 6, 2015

After a week of fairly sunny, warm weather last week, today is a cloudy, windy, cool morning! A large portion of Minnesota is in a fire warning district, due to drought conditions. My family in California, we share the concern of the shortage of rain with you! Daryl, in Little Falls woke up to snow on the ground this morning, […]

Holland News Week of April 6, 2015

I hope everyone had a happy Easter and that you were able to spend it with family members or friends. Today, Easter Monday looks as if we could have some rainfall which we do need.Last Monday Janet Vander Plaats drove me to Benson so I could attend the funeral of a nephew, Ric McGinty who died unexpectedly from a heart […]

A’s tryout/scrimmage slated for Saturday

The Pipestone A’s amateur baseball team has scheduled a tryout/scrimmage for 3 p.m. Saturday at the PAS High School diamond in Pipestone.All those wishing to play for the A’s this summer are encouraged to attend. Those who are unable to attend, but wish to play should contact head coach Jordan Karels at 507-215-1808.

Thoughts in the Heartland – A tree in spring

A few years ago, when I was studying and teaching at South Dakota State, I used to drive from my home in Minnesota into our western neighbor on a nearly daily basis. My favorite part of the drive occurred a mile or so from the state border. Just south of the state highway, about a mile into South Dakota, stood […]

When your therapist dumps you…

Late evening about one week ago, I get a surprise call from an old friend: “UmVanda? I think my therapist just broke up with me,” she whimpers into the phone. “Hold on, what?” I ask, stunned. “How’s that even possible?” “No, I’m serious,” she insists. “Here, listen to the voicemail” “Pfff, she dumped you over voicemail? Isn’t there a code […]


SeaWorld recently launched a twitter campaign called #AskSeaWorld. They invited the public to ask questions about SeaWorld’s care of killer whales in what they called “a new effort to cut through the misinformation out there.” In 2013, a documentary entitled “Blackfish” caused people to question and speak out against keeping killer whales in captivity. The documentary focused on a killer […]

Civic engagement doesn’t get much better than this

At the PAS school board meeting in March, high school senior Joe Morgan asked school board members to consider increasing the GPA to 4.5 instead of 4.0 for college-level classes. Last year at the start of the new school season, high school senior Brianna Rieck asked the PAS school board if she could keep the school store running after the […]

PAS adjusts guidelines for punishment of violence

Discussions in early stages about putting a deputy back in the school, Sheriff says

When a parent asked the Pipestone Area School Board in February to “make changes to the policies that discipline violence” to create more specific penalties, it turned out those specifics already existed.The penalties are not included in the PAS handbook with the discipline policy, but are spelled out in a separate document of discipline guidelines that direct how administrators enforce […]

Button artist chosen

Alex Wilson's artwork will be featured on the 2015 Watertower Festival button

Alex Wilson always thought that someone was hired to draw the art on the annual Watertower Festival buttons. The Pipestone Area Schools (PAS) high school senior never knew the art came from the winner of a drawing contest, and neither did she ever think it would be hers.But that’s what happened this year when her art was chosen by popular […]