Woodstock News Week of August 24, 2015

On this cool fall-like August morning, I was greeted with a flurry of activity, as many hummingbirds and several orioles took turns, with a bit of fighting, at the feeders, before taking off for their journey to their winter habitat! I enjoy them while they are here!Ed and Kathy O’Hearn, Mike, Tammy, Mackenzie and Kennedy Manderscheid traveled to Duluth for […]

Holland News Week of August 24, 2015

Members and members of the Executive Board of American Legion Post #534 Auxiliary Unit met on Wednesday morning, Aug. 19 at the Center to select the members for their new positions for 2015-2016. President Lorna Beyers chaired the meeting with ten members present. At the Sept.8 meeting members will be given a listing for the year.Folks in the community were […]

Days Gone By Week of August 24, 2015

125 YEARS AGOAugust 22, 1890Pipestone is to have a Merchant’s Carnival. It is with a great deal of pleasure that we make this announcement, for the entertainment will be one of the most brilliant that our people have ever seen, as the merchants who will advertise will spare no pains to have their fair representative out shine all others. The […]

Thoughts in the Heartland – Dog days

There’s a long-running debate in our country involving two groups of people. Though they have certain allegiances in common, they also disagree, often passionately and even fiercely, and their differences manifest over what animal they most prize. I’m not talking about those quarrels between followers of the donkey and of the elephant, though I’d forgive you for thinking that. No, […]

Zoned out

Over the past few years we have seen tremendous growth in the efficiency, effectiveness, and use of wind power. In our report Zoned Out, we analyzed different approaches to zoning commercial wind energy systems. The report (www.cfra.org/zoned-out-wind-energy-analysis) also broke down the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches, and what makes for effective zoning standards.Wind energy zoning remains generally uncoordinated and […]

73 people save 219 lives in annual Heroes Blood Drive

The friendly competition put the Sheriff's Office/EMS team on top once again

For the fourth year in a row, the Sheriff’s Office/Emergency Management Services (EMS) team drew more donations (39 blood donations) than the Pipestone Fire Department (34 blood donations) during the annual Heroes Blood Drive hosted by Community Blood Bank at Pipestone County Medical Center (PCMC).Community Blood Bank, which supplies its affiliated hospitals, like PCMC, with blood products, parked two buses […]

Preserving a landmark

The Corner of State Highway 30 and Pipestone County Road 18 south of Woodstock remains Diamond Corner

For decades, a gas station and convenience store called the Diamond Corner Store sat at the corner of State Highway 30 and Pipestone County Road 18 south of Woodstock.The store opened in the 1930s and Ray and Dorothy Janssen bought it in 1945 and raised their family of six children in living quarters in the basement of the building. People […]