Days Gone by Week of November 2, 2015

125 YEARS AGOOctober 31, 1890A tramp broke into Dr. Wilson’s residence early last Sunday morning and went to sleep on the floor of their sitting room. He was found there when the family arose and Marshal Raymond was called who took the fellow to the cooler and let him finish his nap in the brink.***On Saturday evening last three drunken […]

Woodstock News Week of November 2, 2015

Hello November and Central time! We are greeted into November with above average temps, for now! Last Easter I purchased two lilies and set them outside over the summer. As fall approached, I brought them inside, noticing a bud on one of them! The past week it came into full bloom with a second one opening a day later! Oh! […]

Holland News Week of November 2, 2015

The tree leaves were in their full autumn colors on a sunny, warm afternoon as the card players came for the county card party at the Pipestone Senior Center Tuesday afternoon. Darrell and Shirley Houselog stopped for me which made my day. There were six tables for pinochle and one in hand n’ foot which made for a fun afternoon […]

The devil has nothing to do with paranormal weekend

To the editor,This letter is in regard to the Pipestone paranormal weekend in Pipestone.Paranormal: what does it mean and why are some people so worried about telling stories of the dead? Paranormal just means beyond normal explanation.’ Miracles could come under this heading. The paranormal weekend in Pipestone is just telling the history of people who lived and died in […]

To our veterans: Thank you

To the editor,The members of American Legion Auxiliary Earl Gruis Unit #534 would like to express our sincere appreciation for the men and women who served in the United States Armed Forces.Thank you for serving this great country. Thank you for protecting us. Thank you for the security we have and feel here at home. We know you sacrificed much […]

Thoughts in the Heartland – Of grit and gridiron

We are in the throes of football season, when early analyses and forecasts are being tested and tried. Just last week, ESPN magazine profiled the defensive flexibility of a certain long-locked man in green: Clay Matthews of the Green Bay Packers. The only reason I know this is that my dear husband Jon brought the article to my attention. By […]

Rock & Roll Memories: The unpredictable world of the Unbelievable Uglies

One of the key factors for a band to draw a crowd in the 60’s was the importance of being “unique” to draw attention to yourself and get work at the various Midwest ballrooms.Some bands dyed their hair (The Greenmen), some wore outrageous stage costumes (The Executioners), some just used unique transportation to get to the job, like driving a […]

The not-so-terrible twos

I’ve always heard people talk about the “terrible twos,” as in children who are two years old are little terrors.Our daughter, Iris, turned two this week and I could see why some people might perceive the actions of a two-year-old to be terrible. They’re like small tornados, tearing things apart and leaving a path of debris in their wake. Drawers […]

Pipestone Area Schools Board: In brief

Gymnastics co-op approved with Edgerton PublicAfter attending multiple school board meetings in Edgerton and Pipestone to request the two schools form a co-op that would allow her to participate on the Pipestone Area Schools gymnastics team, an Edgerton Public student’s request, Anna Agresto, was granted by the PAS School Board during its Oct. 26 meeting. Due to the short period […]

County to contract out transit admin services

Pipestone County will contract with Western Community Action (WCA) for administrative services for the Pipestone County Transit system starting Jan. 1, 2016. Under the agreement, transit employees will remain Pipestone County employees and the county will continue to own the transit buses. Local transit employees will conduct the day-to-day operations of the transit system including scheduling, driving, collecting fares and […]