Woodstock News Week of January 25, 2016

We survived another week of roller coaster weather. Another week closer to spring. Think positive and enjoy the ride. The Bootsma family took advantage of the warmer Sunday weather, snowmobiling in the area. They made a stop for hot chocolate and banana bread at Larry and Roseann Fenicles. I hear a group left Friday for snowmobiling in Montana, finding difficult […]

Holland News Week of January 25, 2016

With all the snowfalls and the mild temperature along with the colder temperature at night, one has to be so careful when walking outside. One never knows where there may be ice under the light snow. Last Wednesday I was back to my eye doctor for the ten week checkup. Pictures were taken of the eye and after checking the […]

Days Gone by Week of January 25, 2016

125 YEARS AGOJanuary 23, 1891 Filbert Wilkes, 3999, the famous trotting stallion for which the Loomis Brothers paid $5,000 week before last, will arrive from the east today or tomorrow. This is one of the finest bred horses ever brought to the county and next week we shall have something to say of the pedigree of this animal.*** The weather […]

PAS film making

PAS offers Film Making courses for our students to take. What do students do in a Film Making class? Here is what Ms. Facile has to share: “As the semester wraps to a close, I look back on the great works the film students of PAS have put together this year. They have learned the basics at the heart of […]

Thoughts in the Heartland – Class clown

Next week begins February, a time when many start thinking about spring. Here in Minnesota, we might not be quite so optimistic. But like many other Americans, we’ll be tuning in to see another kind of official beginningthe beginning of the primary and caucus season for the 2016 presidential election. Of course, we’ve been hearing about this election for months […]

Edgerton Public: In brief

ACT prep The school board unanimously voted during its Jan. 19 meeting to fund ACT test prep. The test prep would include two to three test prep classes for ACT in each math, science and English held during after-school hours. Council member Gene Westenberg recommended paying for all costs of the prep so any students who may not be able […]

Two down, two to go

Pipestone County's union negotiation process

Pipestone County recently signed new contracts with two of its four unions, completing a months-long process of give and take. The highway department and courthouse unions each agreed to two-year contracts that took effect Jan. 1. The agreements include salary adjustments based on the county’s new pay plan, which placed employees on the pay step nearest to their current rate […]

Pipestone asks state to ease off restrictions for cities

State legislators support the request for a moratorium on new standards following improvement projects

The Pipestone City Council has sent a message to the state that it wants cities to receive a break on new state regulations while they’re paying for infrastructural improvements to meet current standards. The resolution adopted by the council during their Jan. 19 meeting acknowledges the need for clean air and water and recognizes the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency’s (MPCA) […]

MnDOT to study speed limit on state Highway 30

The Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT) will conduct a speed study on state Highway 30 this year to determine if the speed limit should be raised from 55 to 60 mph. The study is part of a five-year MnDOT effort to evaluate speed limits on its 7,000 miles of two-lane, two-way highways across the state. This is the third year […]

Edgerton school board develops plan to address low MMR ratings

The Minnesota Department of Education released Multiple Measurement Ratings in 2015 that showed Edgerton Public Elementary School in the bottom 15 percent. The school was then required to create a continuous school improvement plan. Third grade teacher, Chris Fischer, a member of the six-person team working on the continuous school improvement plan, attended the school board meeting to update everyone. […]