Days Gone By Week of December 19, 2016

125 YEARS AGODecember 18, 1891Thos. Olson was the happiest man in town last Friday. On that day he received word from Washington that his pension had increased from $2 to $12 per month, with back pension from December 17, 1890. One by one the old soldiers are receiving their just dues, but still the government will never be able to […]

Woodstock News Week of December 19, 2016

This week before Christmas promises to bring a bit warmer temperatures than we endured the past few days! Do not despair! Family gatherings will take place, gifts will be exchanged, and life will continue as we remember why we celebrate Christmas in the first place. The Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Keep that in mind during this holiday season. […]

Holland News Week of December 19, 2016

Oh – what a weekend it turned out to be. We were fore warned that the cold was suppose to take hold. Before retiring for bed Saturday night I had pulled the drapes trying to keep out any drafty air.When I awoke Sunday morning at 8 a.m. it seemed so cozy and warm in bed. I went to the bathroom […]

Baby it’s cold outside

This holiday season, a couple from the Minneapolis area, Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski, changed the lyrics of “Baby it’s Cold Outside,” to showcase the importance of consent between a man and woman, calling the original song lyrics “aggressive and inappropriate.” They begin the song with the new lyrics of I really can’t stay/baby I’m fine with that.” While parts […]

Resolution prep

The holidays collide with the shortest, darkest days of the year, days that turn suddenly frigid. That means we do all we do for the holiday season mostly in the dark, a good many of us either before or after work. We spend our time buying and spending and wrapping and mailing, baking and cooking and entertaining, planning and stressing […]

Dakota 38 + 2 on course for Mankato destination by Dec. 26

The annual trek of reconcilation and healing always includes a stop in Pipestone for supper and breakfast at Little Feather Indian Center, as it did last Saturday

Unhindered by the snow the day before or the six degrees F below zero temperature, the Dakota 38 + 2 riders made the trek from Flandreau to Pipestone as scheduled Saturday, Dec. 17, en route to their final destination of Mankato by Christmas day. “This is a cold day, but there’s been cold days before,” said Wilfred Keeble, of the […]


Hill students, with their adults, carry on the 30-year, local tradition of making the quintessential sweet of the season: The Gingerbread House

Sugary sweetness filled the air at Hill Elementary on Tuesday morning, Dec. 13 as the third grade classes participated in the annual gingerbread house making activity with parents and grandparents there to help out. This was the 30th time Pipestone Area Schools third graders built and decorated gingerbread houses. The activity was started at Pipestone Area Schools by former third […]

Caring for kids & families

Kiwanis & donors assist those who needed a little extra help this holiday

Pipestone Kiwanis and other volunteers spent much of their Saturday handing out toys, food, blankets and clothing to people in need during the annual Christmas Care event at the blue building at the Pipestone County Fairgrounds.This year there were 177 families who registered for a meal and 511 kids who were registered for toys, a slight increase over last year. […]

Minnesota changes from a caucus to a primary election system beginning in 2017

The change means all-day voting during the next presidential primary, rather than voting just one hour on one night

With a new year come new laws.Among those new laws passed by the 2016 Legislature that take effect Jan. 1, 2017 is Minnesota’s change from a caucus to a primary election system during the next presidential election.A primary will allow all-day voting rather than voters coming together at a specific time on precinct caucus night. The state’s presidential primary will […]

Busing agreement reduces costs by $13,500 a year

Pipestone Area School (PAS) Board members approved during their Dec. 19 meeting an agreement with Ludolph Bus to cut one of the 12 regular bus routes and shift stops from that route to other routes, saving the school district $13,500 a year.The school board and representatives of Ludolph Bus discussed the possible elimination of a route as a means to […]